THS Band Spring Concert Agenda For Thursday, May 21st

The final concert of the year with all three Timberview concert bands performing in the Spring Concert plus the THS Band Jazz Ensemble will also perform on Thursday, May 21, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Willie Pigg Auditorium on the campus of Brooks Wester Middle School, 1520 North Walnut Creek Drive in Mansfield. The Wind Symphony will be trying for one last take of one of their pieces in a recording session before the concert begins.

Come support the band in its final concert together as the 2014-15 Edition of the Timberview Wolf Band!

Agenda & Schedule for Thursdays performances:

5:15 p.m: Wind Symphony Arrive, set-up and Warm-Up on stage  (leave cases in Wester Band Hall stage left)

5:45 p.m: Wind Symphony starts recording session

6:20 p.m: Wind Ensemble Warm-Up in Wester Band Hall

6:40 p.m: Symphonic Band Warm-Up on stage; Jazz Band sets up in front of stage (leave case in band hall)

7:00 p.m: Concert Starts….Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble will enter audience…all bands will perform and watch the other groups.  A major grade for the performance will be given as well as a grade for audience etiquette as their peers are performing. The concert will be around an hour long!

8:15 p.m: Concert ends…All students help strike stage and head home! There is not a provided stage crew so we have to stack chairs and stands at Willie Pigg before we can leave. Everyone help!