THS Drumline Agenda For Lewisville Drumline Invitational 11/8/14

Timberview Wolf Band Percussion Group agenda for the 2014 Lewisville Invitational Drumline Contest on Saturday, November 8th at the Lewisville High School Arena, 1098 West Main Street, Lewisville.

This is our last Drumline Contest of the season, and Timberview is the two time returning Grand Champion from 2012 & 2013!! 

Parents, once again, if you would like to help with moving equipment during the arena performance, please let Mr. Neimeyer know so that he can plan accordingly. This will be a timed contest and we need to move equipment quickly so as to avoid penalties. As always, parents are more than welcome to ride the bus to and from the event.

Saturday’s Itinerary:

Students: Bring a sack lunch to eat and money for concessions and dinner at Cane’s!

11:00 a.m: Meet at Timberview Band Hall & Load truck

11:30 a.m: Load Buss & Leave for Lewisville High – Basketball Arena

11:45 a.m: Eat sack lunch on the bus

12:15 p.m: Arrive Lewisville High

12:30 p.m: Unload band truck & change into uniform & Tune drums

1:00 p.m: Move to warm-up area

1:15 p.m: Start warm-up in area “C”; Pit – we will need to use the generator

2:30 p.m: Lot warm-up finished and move to competition area

Judges: Mr. Scott Johnson, Mr. Robert Anderson and Mr. David Coheley

3:00 p.m: Move back to truck and load instruments & drums

3:15 p.m: Change into band shirt, band shoes, drumline jacket

3:30 p.m: All walk together as a group to eat at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

4:30 p.m: Walk to LHS Arena and watch rest of standstill competition

7:30 p.m: Stand Still Drumline Awards
**(Section Leaders and seniors represent THS at awards retreat)**

8:00 p.m: Leave Lewisville High for Timberview

8:45 p.m: Arrive back at THS Band Hall

8:50 p.m: Unload all equipment – set up in band hall

9:15 p.m: Dismissed from Timberview HS for home

Band Contact: Dan Neimeyer, Percussion Director; 817-299-2768;