THS Band Sponsorships Needed…And You Can Help!

Hello Timberview Band Parents, Students, Friends and Supporters,

Did you know that the Timberview Band operations are primarily funded through the Band Parents Boosters fundraising efforts and Sponsorship’s? Yes, everyone just paid band registration fees that cover the basic costs of the band program and instruments. The remainder of the monies must come from the Band Parents Booster organization to help support the students and the band for travel to games, marching contests, entry fees, the Timberview Band truck, concerts and many other band activities throughout the band year.

The TNT Fireworks is our biggest fundraiser for the year and generates a big portion of our support. However, we also have several other smaller fundraisers during the year, the Spirit Wear sales and general spirit fundraisers through local restaurants etc. Another way we gain operating funds for the band is through local company and business sponsorship’s. That is how Timberview was able to secure the THS Band Tractor Trailer that we haul all of our equipment and instruments to games and contests. Some programs not as fortunate have to rent box trucks and other expensive items through the year to haul their equipment.

You may have noticed some of our sponsors on the band truck or listed in band e-mails from the website and posted on our home page. Some of our old sponsorship’s have expired or the business doesn’t have the budget. So, the Timberview Band is looking for new sponsors and hope to renew some of our old supporters as well. The Timberview Band Parents Booster organization is an organization that is all-volunteer and made up of parents with kids in the band. All band boosters must have a student connection to the band and be part of the booster organization.

This is where we would like to reach out to you for your help support our kids, the band program and all the band directors efforts to make then Wolf Band one of the outstanding band programs in Tarrant County and the state.

Attached to this e-mail and also posted on the Timberview Band website you can see a copy of our sponsorship application form you can download or click on this link to our website:

Print this out and when you go to some of the area business, service companies, restaurants, banks, retail stores or just about any type of appropriate business, simply give the manager a copy of the Timberview Band Sponsorship form and ask them to consider supporting the Wolf band in the local community, for as little as $100. Depending on the level of sponsorship they choose, they also receive some promotional advertising with their logo and link on the website and other band program activities. If each THS Band family would hand out just 2 or 3 sponsorship forms to businesses you have a relationship with, we could potentially gain many solid supporters to ensure the THS Band program remains strong and moving forward year after year.

Thanks for your consideration in helping us find some new band sponsorship’s. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Band Booster Board of Directors or the Timberview Band Directors. All listings are on the band Contact Us page. You can also e-mail or discuss any sponsorship opportunities with our Band Booster Vice-President, Mr. Tim Christakis,who will be happy to assist with signing-up any potential sponsor. He is listed on the cover page of the sponsorship form.

The Timberview Band Booster organization is an IRS approved 501C non-profit organization, so all sponsorship donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for your consideration, help and support of the Timberview Wolf Band!!!

Timberview Band Sponsorship Form 2014-15 Band Season