THS Band Parents Board of Directors Officer Nominations Open

REMINDER: The Timberview Band Parent Booster organization is taking nominations or open for you to volunteer for the Board of Directors Officers positions and for individual coordinator positions for the upcoming 2014-15 band year. Please come to next Tuesday’s Band Parent Booster Meeting at 7 p.m.

Nominations are now open, or if you simply want to volunteer yourself for one of the positions, we need your help. All offices and coordinator positions are open for consideration. We need all nominations or volunteers submitted during the month of April so that new incoming officers can be voted on during our May General Membership meeting.

Please consider serving or nominating someone as many of our current board members will be rotating off the board or their students are graduating seniors. We need your help so please consider any of our Board Positions which are listed on the THS Band Website. Plan on attending our next band parents general meeting next Tuesday, April 8th at 7 p.m. to hear more details about this opportunity and you can also suggest nominations or volunteer yourself at that time as well. This is a very important meeting and we need as many band parents as possible to attend next week. Please attend, it doesn’t mean you will have to serve on the board but we want you involved and to hear your suggestions and nominations for next years Band Board!

2014-2015 THS Band Parents Booster Organization Board of Directors Open for consideration:

Band Officers:

Band Coordinators:

Please consider serving with the THS Band Parents Booster organization next year. It will be rewarding and you will get to be involved closer with you child’s band activities and progress. You have the support from a lot of other dedicated band parent boosters that work side-by-side each year to help support the Timberview High Wolf Band as one of the top bands in the region! All officers and coordinators that serve the entire band year will receive the $100.00 credit applied to your students Charms account for the second half  band fees.

Please contact Band Parents Booster President Doyle Mackey, any of the Band Directors or any of the board members to get further details on the duties of the positions. You can reach Doyle Mackey at: or 817-271-2153.

Thanks for your consideration. We hope to see you at next Tuesday’s Timberview Band Parents Booster General Meeting at 7 p.m.