Clothing & Shoe Attire Required For THS Concert Band Season

The Timberview Band will have a holiday concert performance on Thursday,  December 4th at 7 pm at the MISD Performing Arts Center, 1110 West Debbie Lane in Mansfield.  We are fortunate that the MISD District provides concert attire for all of our groups. The students look great and it adds a very professional feel to our evening concerts. Concert band students will wear formal attire provided by the district, however the girls will be required to have their own black dress shoes and the boys must have their own white tux shirt and black dress shoes.

Girl Band Member requirements: All female performers will be wearing black concert dresses and will need to have closed toed black dress shoes with no, or very short heel. They do not need to be anything fancy or expensive! The dresses are ankle length and girls are allowed to wear “nude” colored hose or none at allAs this is a uniform for our concerts, all students will need to have shoes for the 4th of December concert. We want everyone to perform with us and look great!

Boy Band Member requirements: All male performers are required to have a white tux shirt for this concert and all others. Please make arrangements to have this tux short before December 4th. We would prefer a simple pleated front, wing type collar shirt. They can be purchased for under $20.00 and students will get plenty of use out of them over the years. Freshman, you may want to buy one a little big so that it will last you more than one year. Upperclassmen, check your shirt from last year to make sure it still fits before the 4th.

The closest location for the appropriate tux short is Al’s Formal Wear, located Arlington Highlands Shopping Center off of I-20 and Matlock. Last year, if you mentioned you were from THS Band, they sold the shirt for $14.99, instead of $29.99. We have two weekends before the 4th, so you have plenty of time to grab a shirt before the concert, even if it is difficult to get to the store during the work week. We want everyone to perform with us and look great!

Al’s Formal Wear, Arlington Highlands Shopping Center, 137 Merchants Row #141, Arlington, TX. 76018

Phone: (817) 784-9991; Hours: Mon-Fri, 11 am to 8 pm; Sat, 9 am to 5 pm; Sun, 12 noon to 5 pm

See the image below if anyone is not sure what a tux shirt looks like. Timberview will provide the bow tie and cummerbund.