2014-15 Timberview Wolf Band Rehearsal Kicks Off A New Season Saturday!

The new 2014-15 Edition of the Timberview High School Wolf Band gets underway this Saturday, June 7th, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon in the THS Band Hall. This is a mandatory rehearsal and you will still have time to go to the THS Graduation Ceremonies at 2 p.m., if you are planning to attend.

This will be the  first marching rehearsal for all students involved in band for the next school year.  We will have our drill written this summer so it is important for us to have everyone at this rehearsal to see how many spots we need to write for the show. By the time we are done Saturday, you will have a marching/concert instrument (if you play a school owned instrument) checked out to you and music to practice for the summer. We will spend a couple hours outside and a couple hours inside.  Dress for warm weather, wear hats and sunglasses, athletic type shoes, and bring water to stay hydrated. School owned instrument students, please bring your own mouthpiece, and others, be sure to bring your instrument.  We are excited to get started!

We have graduated our seniors and moved our 8th graders from Coble and Danny Jones up in our Charms software system.  If you are a new Freshman Parent or are not familiar with you students account, please check your information on the Charms website by doing the following:

Log on to www.charmsoffice.com

Locate the “Parent/Student Login”

Log in to your child’s account by using: TimberviewHSB

The Password is your student’s school ID number

Charms is the program that we will do all of our communication and financial updates through. You can also check “How to access THS Band Charms Account” on the Timberview Band Website and click on Documents and Forms Tab. 

Please check Timberviewband.com website and click on the calendar tab for the upcoming year events. The new calendar of events will be entered into the calendar soon, and the current calendar month is always updated with the latest information. Attached to this posting is a pdf copy of  a Year at a Glance Band Activites you can download and print . Students need to please pay special attention to testing dates as shown for all SAT and ACT testing dates for the 2014-15 year that DO NOT conflict with Band events!

See you Saturday!  We have an amazing show planned and cannot wait to get started!!

2014-15 Timberview Band Year at a Glance