TNT Fireworks Demo Tonight + Reminders & Coupon

THS Band Members and supporters. Here is a reminder from Anita Meyer, the THS Band TNT Coordinator, about some slots we still need to fill and your invitation to attend tonight’s fireworks demonstration, Saturday, June 22nd, around 8 to 8:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the TNT Fireworks Supercenter, Rendon-Bloodworth Road (Debbie Lane) in far west Mansfield.

Adults – please take a look at the THS Band Calendar for 6/27 and 7/1 as I still have many slots open on those days. There are several slots open on 7/4. I need two cashiers for 7/4 and you have to have cashiered on the 27th or the first in order to cashier on the 3rd or 4th. It gets very busy.

Assistant Manager slots – People seem to shy away from this slot, it is really is not that difficult, it is basically more like a head sales person, it is just that you may have to move around more then the sales/stocker. Please consider being an assistant manager, especially if you are off during the day. I don’t think I have a single assistant manager person on July 27.

Students – I have several slots open for July 4th, I have a few on call slots for the other days still available. The on call slots are basically, if we need you, we will call you.

If you have not signed up yet, remember we have volunteer shifts on June 27th; July 1st; July 3rd; and July 4th to fill. Positions include cashiers, baggers, greeters, floor sales, assistant floor manager and parking lot flaggers on the 4th only. Click on this link to see available slots and positions:  Parents and students over 13 year old can work most positions with the exception of cashier, which must be an adult and have prior experience. Please contact Anita Meyer, TNT Coordinator, 817-800-7630 if you have any questions or e-mail:

TNT Fireworks has issued a special savings coupon that can be used by Timberview Band family and friends to get a free item with a minimum purchase dollar level amount. Here is the coupon that you can print out to use or give to your friends and associates that you know may be purchasing fireworks for the upcoming holiday. This coupon can also be found on the “Documents & Forms” tab on the THS Band Website and is available for printing.

TNT Fireworks Coupon For THS Band Friends-2013