THS Band Website Calendar

Dear Registered Timberview Band Website User,

The Timberview Band Website had a catastrophic failure of the activities calendar module last weekend and the entire calendar crashed. You may have noticed there was no calendar showing or any upcoming activities listed when you went on the site this week. We could not restore the old calendar.

Thanks to Tom Reilly, he was able to get the calendar app installed and working once again. Unfortunately, the crash caused us to loose the entire calendar contents. So, that means I will have to re-load all the events for the upcoming year back into the calendar manually, as all the history was lost in the crash.

I have loaded the events for this week into the calendar now and I plan to load in all of the events for the remainder of 2013 this weekend. I will load the remainder of the 2013-14 band calendar year as soon as I can, but I will make sure all the November and December events loaded sometime weekend.

Thanks again to Tom Reilly for all his support and thanks for your patience while we get the calendar events reloaded for the band year.

Paul Olson

THS Band Webmaster