THS Band Required Items To Be Able To Perform At Friday’s Game

All Parents and THS Band Members: This is a friendly reminder of all required items that you must have taken care of and to be able to pass inspection on Friday in order to perform in the halftime marching show on Friday.

The THS band is excited for our first Football game this Friday, 7:30 pm at Newsom Stadium against crosstown rival Mansfield Summit High. All students will have an “inspection” beforehand in which they must pass to be able to travel to the game.  This week, these items will include, band water bottle, khaki shorts, plain brown or black belt, THS band show T-shirt, athletic shoes, lyre (if your instrument uses one) and flip folder marked with your name with all music inside of it.

Students…if you have lost music already…take care of this before Friday…you are in charge of your success!!

Fees for food and show shirts will also need to have been paid before inspection.

For all Percussion students you must complete your weekly pass off during the marching band season. Any student who has not successfully passed off the required material will not perform in the halftime show on Friday night. Students will also receive a grade of zero in the grade book for that weeks material until they are able to pass off.

Most percussion students are current on this week’s pass off, but we do have a few members who have yet to complete all of their objectives for the week. Thank you for your attention on this matter!

All band members please make sure you have taken care of all the required items so you can be part of the opening night of the 2013 Wolf Band Marching Show. Parents please try to come out to the game and support your students and the football team as well. Check the Web site calendar for the stadium address and a Google map link for the stadium, if you are new to the area. See you then!

A detailed game day agenda will be posted on Thursday from the THS Band Website so everyone knows the exact times of all the details that go into a marching band performance and for pick up times at the end of the evening.