THS Band Policy Reminders

Dear Parents and Students,

Please take note of our band policies about student drop-off and pick-up area and our No-Pass, No-Play Policy


The official pick up and drop off point for band students is at the front of the PAC on the north east side of Timberview High School. The building says “Performing Arts”.

Please DO NOT use the small parking lot right outside the band hall doors. That parking lot is too small and has been the site of accidents in the past due to too many people trying to get in and out.

The students have been told to wait outside the PAC for their parents/rides. This has always been the policy.


We are going to be closely watching our band student’s grades throughout marching band.  A great way to keep those grades in the passing zone is to complete assignments when teachers give them to you.

The Timberview Wolf Band is continuing a “no zero” initiative with the members of the 2013 Marching band. The idea of this is to prevent any band students from making the decision to not complete their school work. We want the band to be a group that exemplifies high standards on and off the football field.

THS Band Directors will check student grades on each Wednesday for any zeros. Any found will need to be completed before we leave for the game on Friday.  Teachers can enter the grade and change it, or send us an email or note.  It will ultimately be the student’s responsibility to make sure we know the work is done.  Remember, some teachers do not accept late work as described in their syllabus, so the best thing you can do is do the work!  Getting a zero means you don’t care, and that is not what the Timberview band is going to be about!  Parents, log into skyward and help us keep an eye on those grades!

Each week, starting on Wednesday, we will look up the grades for each of our students and communicate to them if it appears they have a zero in the grade book for any assignment, in any class. If a student appears to have a zero, we will encourage them to fix that in whatever way the teacher may allow in that class. If the student makes up the zero in some way by Friday, we may remove them from our list. Students will need to be cleared of that zero in order to fully participate with us on Friday nights performances. We want all of our students to feel responsible for their school work and succeed in both academics and their participation in the Wolf Band!

THS Band Directors

THS Band parking & Pickup Map