THS Agenda For UIL Region 5 Marching Contest, 10/22

Detailed agenda for UIL Region 5 contest on Tuesday, October 22nd at HEB Pennington Stadium, 1501 Central Drive, Bedford, Texas:

1:45 p.m: Students early release from classes

2:30 p.m: Rehearse on back parking lot

3:30 p.m: Change into uniform

4:15 p.m: Inspection

4:45 p.m: Leave for HEB Pennington Field

5:45 p.m: Arrive at Bedford and unload band truck & busses

6:35 p.m: Warm-Up in assigned lot area

7:15 p.m: Timberview Wolf Band Performance

7:30 p.m: Change out of uniform and eat dinner in lot by band truck

8:00 p.m: Return to stands to watch remainder of bands perform

9:30 p.m: Awards ceremony and rankings

9:45 p.m: Load busses and head back to Timberview

10:15 p.m: Dismiss from THS for parent pick-up in front of THS PAC only. Please pick up your students right away as it will be the end of a long day and they are expected in class as normal on Wednesday morning.

Thanks for your support of the Timberview High Wolf Band!!

2013 UIL Region 5 Marching Contest Schedule – all schools