Important: Student Grade Period Ends Friday_No Pass-No Play Rules Are In Effect!

Tomorrow, Friday, October 4th, marks the end of the first six weeks grading period.  As you know, the band has been monitoring student’s grades closely throughout the grading period in hopes of not losing any students due to no pass/no play.  If a student does not pass all classes by tomorrow, they will not be eligible to march at any other performances of the Timberview band at games or contests for the next six weeks.  This is a state rule that all school organizations fall under.

As of today, the THS band has MANY students that are currently under the passing line in one or more classes.  Please help us encourage your students to get the work done before Friday and to keep their grades above passing.  Remember, it is a district rule that any test may be re-taken for the score of a 70.  Please take advantage of that!

We start marching rehearsals one hour after school three days a week in order to allow students to get to tutorials and pass those classes.  Many of the failing students have not been taking advantage of this time.  We knew at the start of this season that our success would depend on every student being able to participate fully and we are at that crossroads right now.

Please help us take care of those grades!  The band is doing great this season and it would be such a shame to see an end to that success!!

The THS Band Directors